Burnsville Center Mall Area Redevelopment Study

Rendering of possible shopping district

Reimagining Retail

Retail in America is changing at a significant pace. The rise of online shopping and people's desire for enhanced experiences are pushing retailers and retail centers to adjust their approach to engaging the communities they serve.

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Project Goals

The City of Burnsville is currently undertaking a study to look at the best ways to redevelop the area around the Burnsville Center/County Road 42 area. The goal is to determine how this area could evolve in the future to better serve the community and region. The study will provide a plan to help guide future development, and show what is possible in the changing retail landscape.

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Burnsville Center/County Road 42 Redevelopment Strategies

01. Transform the Center Village from auto-centric into multi-modal, pedestrian friendly realm
02. Reinforce Center Village identity and wayfinding through coordinated, branded placemaking strate
03. Broaden the mix of land uses within the North and South Commons districts
04. Create a high-functioning County Road 42 experience
05. Improve connections to adjacent destinations and regional systems
06. Prepare for change in how we shop, recreate and move
07. Promote inclusion of all members of the community
08. Strengthen Burnsville Center
09. Promote health and wellness
10. Be Creative

Challenges in the District

Some of the challenges voiced for the area include: Challenges facing the Burnsville Center and County Road 42 Area

Getting Started

The City recognizes the stakeholders that a project like this can impact, from businesses, residents and employers to state and local regulatory agencies and is committed to engaging with them through the entire process to gain input and guidance along the course of the study. Stakeholder meetings were conducted in August 2018 with local business leaders and elected officials. A public open house is being planned for late October. Concept drawings, draft plans and timelines will be available soon. Please check back for updates.

What Might the Future Hold?

Rendering of possible roadside landscaping

Example of pedestrian friendly connection


To learn more about this project email City Planner Regina Dean or call 952-895-4453. Stay connected by following the City of Burnsville on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribing for City email alerts.